Being Positioned for Boldness

When you have something like this (genetic disorder) the more you can find purpose in it and give reason to why you’re having to go through it the better you survive it.

What would you do if life threw an unexpected curveball your way? Would you wallow in your misfortune and chalk it up to bad luck? Or would you use it as fuel to follow your passions and create a life you never knew you even wanted?

This week’s guest on The Unhurried Life podcast is Christina Menkemeller. As a longtime friend, Christina comes with an incredible story of positioning for greatness even in the midst of unexpected circumstances.


Christina was diagnosed with a genetic disorder when she was a graduate student. As her illness continues to progress, it will eventually leave her completely deaf. What’s inspiring about her story is her unwillingness to wallow in her self pity. Instead, she chooses to to live positively. She even makes a point to wake up everyday and reflect on 5 things she’s most thankful for. Eeeeven if one of them is just for her cup of coffee.


A morning routine that includes gratitude really can set a positive tone for the day. It’s so important I even recorded a podcast episode on it. Head over here to listen to my podcast episode on gratitude as part of a morning routine. If you need a little help with a morning routine of your own you can grab MY morning routine. Start your very own morning routine using included prompts. Grab it here.

From adapting her wedding, quitting her job to travel the world for over a year with her husband, and then turning a passion for helping others into a business, Christina has definitely made lemonade out of lemons.

While her life may not be heading in the direction she had planned before her diagnosis, Christina has proven that even during trying circumstances anything is possible.



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