Are You Trying To Do It All?

Most people don’t share whenever they are struggling, they share once they’ve figured it out.


I’ve been there, I’ve compared others bests with my worsts. Have you?

If you’re human I bet the answer is yes.

Well I’m going to give my best efforts to build you up and shed some light, bust the myth that we mamas can “do it all”.

It starts with something so simple that we get completely hung up on. Asking for help.

Now let me clarify, just because we CAN do something does not mean we need to. Yes, after I gave birth to our 3rd child I COULD go to the grocery story and get gas and make my kids lunches 3 days after I left the hospital but that does not mean I SHOULD!

Just because I saw some adorable gal on Insta meal prepping 3 seconds after the umbilical cord was cut does not mean she does not have help behind the scenes.

In this week’s episode I’m sharing a few places in my life where I have asked for extra help and how it’s OKAY to ask.

I’ll also be asking you some self evaluation questions and then be walking you through how to get the answer you want not the answer you gave!

Hop on over to The Unhurried Life and get a good ol’ dose of reality as I bust the myth on “doing it all”


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