50th Episode + Giveaway!

This is where you find conversations and relationships that build up in a world that’s pretty good at tearing down.


Before you read on I need to tell you, this has to do with you more than with me. So stay with me while I unleash what seems like a pat on my own back…

This week is the 50th episode of my podcast! Hooray! I’ve spoken with amazing women about deep, true, genuine and real life. Tears have been spilled, laughs have echoed in my mic and I’ve been watching the number of subscribers grow steadily.

That last part may seem out of place, watching my numbers grow…why should I let you in on my stats? Well … because that’s YOU.

You are who I’m talking to, YOU are who I do this for.

Would I pour in hours of research, writing, talking and marketing just so I can see a few digits on my screen climb? Would I sit here now, writing to you when I could be reading a good book or baking up some cookies if this was all about me?


This is about you. You are part of my purpose. Let me say that again incase you just skimmed over…


The reason I do this, show up every week and sit down to work is because I believe in my purpose and that purpose is this:

Helping give women the tools to live a life of their own, simplified and full.

So often we do what we do because we’ve seen someone else do it, or we have some notion that we’re “supposed to do it.” We splash around in the giant deep ocean bobbing up for air. Sometimes we need a friend to remind us…stroke, stroke, stroke, breath – this is how you swim.

And when you’re starting to get the hang of it keep your head down cause when you come up for air and you try to see who’s next to you or how much farther you have to go you can get off track and start to flail around again.

This happens to all of us (myself included).

I’d love to invite you to listen in to the podcast and since you’re reading this now I ALSO want to give you the chance to grab a little gift!

Since I’m all about serving you, I want to make sure I’m serving you in a way that actually helps and makes a difference in your day to day! I created this little podcast survey so I can make sure I’m on track!

Fill out the survey and get entered to win some of my “podcasts favorite things”!

Thanks for doing this life thing with me, you are (quite literally) the reason I get up in the morning!


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