3 Tiny Life Tweaks that Lead to Huge Results


It is way easier to make small minor changes than to make huge flip flops.


What if I told you that with 3 tiny tweaks (easy adjustments) you could create huge (like life changing huge) results. Would you be just a tiny bit curious what I mean?

Think about it. If a pilot taking off in L.A. headed for NYC changes his angle by just a few, about 3 or 4 degrees he could end up in DC. A totally different city!

So what if you could change just a few simple things now and wind up with a completely different outcome than where you’re headed today?

We all love the idea of becoming better, finishing what we start, making a difference…ya know, all the things that are the improved version of self.

So here it is, the 3 tiny tweaks (so easy you could start them NOW) that have lead to HUGE results in my life!

This episode of The Unhurried Life is for you if:

  • you know you need a break but you’re not completely clear on how to get there
  • it’s time you stopped floating through life and took charge
  • you want more for your family and for yourself
  • you have good intentions but follow through … that’s the hard part
  • sticking with something new that you know you should be doing is kinda tough (cause you know, life!)

Hop on over and tune in! This episode is direct and to the point, you’ll start these things today and in the very near future start to see giant results! Guaranteed!


Atomic Habits by James Clear   |   The Photo Organization Workshop


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