What to do this summer

As the temperature shifts I find myself scouring the web for “what to do this summer”.  Day Camps, museum camps, zoo camps, sports camps, swim camps! Oh the camps!

You may have the summer planned for the kids, but what about you?


I’ve found thing after thing, place after place.  The ideas and activities are flooding in. It’s going to be fun.  Hot. But fun.


In a few weeks the kids will all be done and summer will be here.  To be honest, this time of the year flies by for us. We get a schedule in place and we play HARD.  It’s easy to let this time of year be about the kids. What they can do and how much fun they can have but what about you?

What’s that one thing you’ve been telling yourself you would learn, you would do?  I know I know. When would you do it, the kids are HOME!


Enter the online workshop.  To be done anytime (after bed, during naps, before breakfast even) form anywhere.  On your phone while you wait for “said” camps to finish up. While you work out in your ear buds or even while you’re driving to camps!


Have I got something fun for you.  


With all these camps, these sweet moments and these kids growing up before your VERY eyes you’re going to want to remember these times for EVER.  Maybe you got a camera for Christmas or you saved up and bought a used one for a hobby. Maybe it’s been sitting on your shelf, in a bag or on the table.  Sitting in Auto and not used NEAR as much as you would like.


This is the summer you learn that camera.  You use that camera to do. Do memories, do a business, do more, do vacay!

Jen Brazeal Photography 101


So let’s get you out of auto.  Comfy with throwing that strap around your neck and going out into the heat and clicking adorable, beautiful photos of your life.  Get the photography 101 workshop you’ve been daydreaming about. And it’s all online. Easy to access from anywhere at anytime.


This is for you, this is your summer camp.  No more googling or Youtube videos that give you a tiny bit of the info.  Or info out of order. If you’re wondering more and ready to figure out this camera thing I got you.


Click on over here and learn more about what YOU get to do this summer!

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