Kindred Oaks Wedding | Chelsea + Drew

What a beautiful weekend to have a wedding.

Simple and classic makes for the best Easter weekend wedding!

Since Drew graduated from Texas A&M, he’s been working for Cobb Mechanical. About 4 years ago, he got relocated to Omaha. About two years ago, Chelsea graduated from Texas A&M’s vet school and accepted the job of her dreams at the zoo in Nebraska. They met at a local networking event and Chelsea noticed he was wearing a Texas A&M ball cap and she had to know why. They connected and decided to have our first date about a week after they started taking. They went to a bar downtown called the Old Mattress Factory, had dinner, and the rest is history!

And of course, as native Texans, they has to move back to Texas as soon as they could.

Chelsea is actually my brother-in-law’s sister! So since I knew so much of the family, this was the perfect wedding for me to come back to work after having Ethan. It felt so great getting to work with beautiful brides again. This wedding made for the perfect Easter weekend, I got to see my nephew, my sister, and brother-in-law.

Q: If you could hop on a plane and go have dinner for two anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
A: We would probably fly and take a picnic to the Redwood National Forest. We have so many places we want to visit but that is definitely very high up on my list, we love spending time outdoors, and we love going on picnics (even if the only ones we do currently include fast food in the park).

Q: What is a favorite memory from when you first started dating?
A: One favorite memory is so hard! I have too many but one of the sweetest is the story of my roses. On about our 3rd date, I had him over to my apartment to make dinner. When he showed up, he had a bright pink knockout rose bush behind his back. He gave it to me and told me that he bought me the whole bush instead of cut roses so I could have fresh flowers all the time. How freaking sweet is that?! After that date, we went shopping for a big pot and all the accessories to plant it. Since then, we built it a greenhouse to survive the ice cold winter on my balcony and our sweet little rose bush is still going strong!

Q: Tell me about the moment when you knew he/she was “the one”
A: I told my best friend, 2 weeks into us dating, that I knew he was the one. At that point I didn’t know how or why I knew, but I somehow did. Since then, every day I see more and more that reassures me that he is the one for me. I can’t say that it is just one little thing that did it for me. Its him being himself that won my heart…From the way that he treats me, seeing his interactions and love for his family, his encouragement, ability to strike up a conversation in a room full of strangers, keeping things light with jokes, and down to how we work together and compromise in our relationship. All these things quickly showed me that he is the one I want to spend my forever with.



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