Frame Worthy Phone Pics

As the WWII Helicopter started to lift off about 50 feet away from us I glanced down at the little face connected to the hand that was in mine!  Dare I say, pure joy (and a lot of hair blowing).

This was the moment, the face I wanted to remember.


My oldest son is completely into all things policeman, army, fight guy.  So when he saw a sign on the side of the road with an army tank on it he naturally asked, “What’s that say mom?”


Me: “Oh, it just says there is a reenactment and living history day at the American GI museum this weekend.”




So, we went and the day was just that.  Perfect. One kid was strapped on me and the other was practically in Disneyland!  I had a diaper bag on my back, a kid on my front and my husband had to work.


I wanted to get some pics of this moment so we could show dad and also so I could put these photos in our family album at the end of the year to remember this stage forever!  I also knew that some photo with a legit WWII dressed soldier was going to be framed and beside his bed very soon!


There was no way I could take my DSLR, I didn’t have enough hands so I used the easiest, most accessible thing I had.  The camera I could keep in my back pocket. My phone.


We strolled around the camp and I got some great shots.  Later that day we relived the day with dad and my son picked the one he wanted me to print.


Ever had an experience like this?  A day you know you will want to cherish and remember.  Memories you want to capture the best you can. Ever felt like your snap shots may have a little poor light or distracting backgrounds, that they may not quite be frame worthy?  Ever googled: How to take good pics with my phone?


You want to use the camera you always have with you, the one on your phone, but you’re not completely sure how to take beautiful, classic, light and frame worthy photos with it.  


“There have got to be some little tips, some things I could learn to get better shots”, you think.


And you’re right.  There are! And I want to teach them to you with my 5 Day Challenge: How to take frame worthy phone pics!  It’s totally free cause let’s be honest, I want you to get those adorable shots of your sweet little people and adventurous life you live.



It’s 5 days and you’ll be elated at the results.  Your camera roll will go from a million quick, unplanned, dark, distracting pics to a reel of dreamy, captivating and totally frame worthy photos!


I mean this is going to be so fun and transformative.  Get ready to see some for real change in your photos.  Join me on this challenge and we’ll make it happen!  Click Here or put in your email address up there!

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