Light and Airy |  Consistent Pics

Let’s be honest here, to say my Instagram has been steady and consistent it’s whole life would be a lie.  I’ve gone through some phases and changes but for the most part they stay light and airy these days.

How to take consistent pics for social media


No matter if I’m shooting inside my house, in the middle of the day, or even lighting sparklers in the evening.  I get consistent pics by doing a few things all the time.


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Get consistent, Instagram worthy photos with your phone!


The number one thing I always try to do to get that consistent, light and airy photo is well… (besides editing) is my background.


The darker the background the harder it’s going to be to edit the phone no matter what preset I use.  If you can train your eyes and brain to notice one thing it would be this. Choose a lighter, less distracting background.  Use a blanket or reposition your subjects. Use the negative space and don’t be afraid to have a lot of sky in the shot.


Give your Instagram a light & airy vibe with Jen's FREE Lightroom preset


If you’re trying to learn how to take consistent pics for your Instagram or Facebook this is where you need to start.  Yes there are some other things that add to the image but if you could work on your background and being aware of what’s behind your subjects (as well as a killer preset, which I’m giving you!) you’re going to see drastic change.


Take better pics with your phone by taking the 5 Day Phone Challenge


I’d loooooove to take you deeper on this topic and so I put together a FREE 5 Day Challenge: How to take frame worthy phone pics  (or in this case Insa-worthy phone pics). I dive deeper into what makes up a photo, how to get that light and airy look every time and of course editing!


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