Prepping for the Unknown

I remember the first time I drove 45 minutes out into the Texas Hill Country to some ranch.  My car zoomed up and down the rolling hills and my mind raced. I was terrified, excited, anxious, thrilled and I thought I was going to throw up at any moment.  My mind was going over and over my check list again and again!

Let me help you learn how to shoot your first wedding with all the tips and tricks I learned over the years!


To say there are a lot of moving parts is a gross understatement.  And to think, these photos will be shown generation after generation.  At some point these images you’re clicking will be the strongest connection between memories!


No pressure!?


They picked you for a reason, your creativity, your passion but also for your ability to see things a little differently.  So this is where you take just a moment to bring in your surroundings. Notice the colors, the light and the textures that makes the day theirs.


Start a successful photography business


Now let’s just say you nail it (which you will cause I have all these guides for you!) and now you find yourself in the middle of it all.  You’re a wedding photographer now. You have to file taxes, book more clients, pay the bills, send emails, write contracts.


Whoa, when did all this happen?


If you’re like me, you know you need to do it right the first time so you set yourself up for success the next time.  But how do you know you’re doing it right the first time?


Tips to start your wedding photography business


I used to sit in coffee shops and google for hours.  I’d search and youtube it, pin it and then be right back a square 1.  Had I really accomplished anything? Well, I would try what I learned and then if that didn’t work, try something else until I got it figured out.  I found the way that worked best and made the most sense.


After 100s of weddings I’ve compiled all the very best tips, my do’s and don’ts, my systems and processes to build a six figure photography business and I’m giving it all to you.  No googling necessary!


You’ll be ready to conquer any wedding that comes your way and get the beautiful, gorgeous images your clients hired you for!  Not to mention follow up with the perfect email, conquer marketing like it’s a piece of cake and have more time to do the things you love.  Like take pictures, be with your family, go on trips!


The ultimate guide to becoming a professional wedding photographer


I’m totally serious about wanting you to succeed so I’ve crafted this Photograph Business Startup Kit just for you.  It’s all the things I wish I had when I was starting off. If I had someone sit me down and make me go through this kit when I was starting off, who knows what I could have done and how much faster I could have done it!?


Grab the Photography Business Startup kit for FREE, just put your email in right here!

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