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I can’t preach it enough…or can I??  Fall Family Sessions or Family photos at anytime really are a true true MUST.  I was recently at my old roommates house in Southern Cali, I had never been to her new home but I felt instantly welcome and comfy.  Why, you may want to know….because everywhere I looked I saw a photo of her life.  Many were photos I took, some I was in but most of them were of her family.

Photos on your wall make other feel connected too.

Part of what I do as a photographer (and yes, I’m completely aware of how corny this sounds) is give your family a moment in time to hold onto, a moment to keep as it is forever and a moment to tell a story.

It’s not that hard or as scary as you think.  It’s worth every penny and every second you spend on them.

This fall, between football and weather and school and LIFE, take a second to breath.  Shoot me and email and let me take care of aaaallllll the rest!

So, here are the logistics.  Sessions are easy, yes, I said it.  They are quick, fun and beautiful.  Dress like you’re going to church, kinda coordinated but not completely.  Morning sessions are great for families with littles, get it done before the day wears on.  But, afternoons do hold that golden light so take your pick, either way they will show off your family as they are in this moment of life, loving!

To book your Fall session simply email your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences to – [email protected]

I’ll email you back with a fashion guide and your date along with a link to pay the easy (no back end cost) of $250 that covers all the digital images, printing gallery and easy download of your photos.

Dates for Family Sessions –

September 29th AM Sessions

October 5th PM sessions

October 6th AM sessions

October 19th PM sessions

October 20th AM & PM sessions



Fall Family Sessions

(PS if these don’t work for you let me know in your email and we’ll figure something out that could work!)

Fall Family Sessions through the ages!!


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