Can I Admit Something?

I know as a professional photographer I’m supposed to carry my giant fancy camera around with me wherever I go.  Vacays, trips to the park, trips to the grocery store (okay, maybe not there). But the truth is… I DON’T! It’s big and expensive, it doesn’t fit in my diaper bag (which is usually what I carry with me) and I wind up leaving it at home most days.

I’m admitting something.  I’m a little nervous because it goes against every fiber in me to let this little bit out.  But I think you’ll understand??

But I DO love capturing sweet moments of my family.  The fun we have, the laughs and the special moments! But I’ve found that I can do all that right on my phone!

For example, the last family vacay out to see my grandmother in California…we went to DISNEYLAND and … I left my camera in Texas.  I didn’t even take it WITH me to Cali. Cause it’s a little bit of a hassle to manage with little people and bags and carseats, and…you get the idea.

Fun walks on the beach and smiles in front of an enchanted castle.  These images are some of my absolute favorites and ones I’ll be including in my yearly photo album in a few months!  And I took them all with my phone!


Disneyland trip captured with just my phone camera!

Capture the sweet moments in life with just a tap of a finger

These are real life moments, they happen fast but you know what, I have my phone in my pocket ALL the time.  I feel totally confident that I’m capturing those sweet moments perfectly with the tap of a finger. My phone is easy and accessible.

Now I have a question for you, are you confident you know what it takes to get the perfect shot?  The light, framing it just right, editing? And then what do you even DO with all those adorable photos anyways?  Just let them stay on your phone? … Forever?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew you could pull out your phone and in a few pics (like 2-3 not 40-50) get the perfect shot and then be able to put your phone down and enjoy the moment?  Be IN the moment but know you will forever have the memory preserved beautifully.

Well, that’s where the PHONEography Course comes in.  

I’m dying to get you there.  To that place of confidence and enjoyment.  So you know what it takes to get a good pic and then feel like you can be a part of the action instead of trying to get the “right angle” or wondering if that was “too dark”.

The PHONEography course is making its GRAND debut and just in time for all the fun summer activities, trips and memories.  Don’t miss out on the chance to get the shots you’ll remember forever!

Click over here so you can join now!  The course is go-at-your-own-pace so you can take it in chunks or small nibbles.  There are live trainings and even what to do with your photos AFTER you take them: editing consistently, quick and easy album creation and how to print so it’s right for you!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg.  Head over and click BUY NOW, the PHONEography course will not be open for long and you’ll be stuck struggling to figure out how to get the right shot and taking forever when you could be enjoying the moment!

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