Knowing When to Quit | Episode 2

When to quit your day job

Enter the “guy” and the decision


Well, I’ve officially become a dork (my brother would say, “It was official years ago”)  I’m writing a mini series on my own journey through life and business but truthfully I think you show up in here a time or two.  What do I mean by that?  Click back over here to read episode 1, hope you have a good cup of joe and about 9 minutes because your life is getting ready to change!  And, side note, if you’re wondering when to quit your day job and go full time as an entrepreneur … you just might gain a little clarity in this episode!


(Says a narrator man with a dramatic flare)

Earlier this week you heard about the “school teacher”.  She was young, had a camera in one hand and chalk in the other, nothing was stopping her.  She worked 12 sometimes 14 hour days and never took a weekend off. 


“School Teacher” booked 28 weddings her first year as a photographer and brought in more than her teacher salary.  She was paying back student loans right and left with a smile on her face. Who needed business school, who needed quickbooks, (she used excel sheets and colored tabs at the bottom, genius!).  


But then, she realized something was missing, (all work and no play makes her a dull girl).  In an attempt to make more connections outside of work she joined a co-ed softball team…a sport she had never played and with an upbeat demeanor she stepped into the dugout and was “hit” with a curveball.


The Story Continues…

As I entered into my second semester of teaching I realized I was spending a lot of time at school and a lot of time working with clients on engagements, weddings, families, babies, pets…pretty much anything that would move the bottom line.  I knew few people in the new city I had moved to other than 24, 8 year olds (my class) a half dozen teachers (my team) and a few newly married couples. I needed a life.


So, I signed up to play a team sport, thinking that was a great way to make new friends and be a part of something.  While in the dugout I needed a brief explanation of how this sport was played…before I played it. My teammates were so excited to learn I knew nothing about the game and were thrilled at the possibilities of a winning season (note the sarcasm please).


One “guy” stepped forward and gave me the “low down”.  As the season went on some of these people became close friends (even to this day).  We spend time together after the games and on weekends (when I was not shooting a wedding).  The “guy” that explained the basics to me was usually around but we didn’t talk much.


One night I got a call from “the guy”.  One thing led to another and we went to grab pizza.  He was in San Antonio for school and had just got done with his shift at the hospital, working 32 hours straight.  I remember wondering “why is this guy so mumbly?”.  But enjoyed his company and so we continued to hang out.


After a few months of dates and time together I realized I was in my first real adult relationship and I was not sure what to do.  Luckily, he was a great boyfriend and was incredibly forgiving (I made a lot of “first time adult relationship mistakes” – typical girl). He asked me to marry him and I was soon planning my own wedding. After experiencing quite a few other weddings myself this was “the most fun ever!”


After we got married and moved in together, he made the mention that I work quite a bit (coming from a man that worked 32 hours straight at least 1 -2 times a month was sort of an eye opener)  He was almost done with school and we would be moving soon. We decided together I needed to pick one or the other. Photography business or Teaching.


Was this the right time to leave the security of a Salary Job with insurance and structure?  Could I really make it on my own?  At this point I was busy, yes, brining in enough money to supplement my teaching career (aka, pay the bills and to know where we were getting our next meal from – I was the “bread winner” after all and quitting my teaching job was a big move).


I applied to teaching jobs in the new city we were moving to and since I was offered a position we decided I’d hang up my camera and focus on doing my best at one thing…teaching, not business.


But with a pay decrees (small town teacher salary, eek) hour increase and all new surroundings could I have made a mistake…was my photography business actually where I was supposed to be focusing?


Tune in next time to learn if school teacher regretted or embraced her decision to hang up her entrepreneurial camera straps.  And take note of our adorable and decade+ old proposal on top of a Texas Mountain called, Enchanted Rock!


Read on in Episode 3: Welcome to Success


When to quit your day job

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