Space Birthday Party

Planning my sons fourth space birthday party was so much fun.  The budget was not all that big but of course I wanted it to be special and fun for the kids.

From piñatas to moon cake to moon rocks we all had a BLAST (off!)

Since it’s been raining for 9 years here in College Station (a tiny bit of an exaggeration) I was crossing my fingers the weather would allow us to string our piñatas up and play outside a little.  Thank the LORD we had sunshine.  It was, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful days this fall actually.

We had so many friends and family here, I remember saying to Ryan as he was about to blow out his candles, “Look at all your friends, we all love you buddy” feeling blessed.  His response was … tears … of anger!  Since I had stuck his toy astronaut in the cake as decor he chose that moment to loose it on me.  I believe his exact words were, “Mommy, you ruined it!” (please insert money emojie with hands on head!)

Back to the fun…we had moon rocks to paint and space sticker scenes as well as our very wet playscape that later turned into a noose for our piñata astronaut man!  At the bottom of this post I gave details on the party and where we got things and about how much we spent.  The most expensive thing was the 70 breakfast tacos followed by the 2 custom piñatas, one of which was called, “my little friend” who we sooooort of beat up!

Space Birthday Party Space Birthday Party ideas


Cake + Donuts - HEB  ($20) //  Cardboard Spaceship ($25) Space Scene Stickers ($12) - Oriental Trading Co. 

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