Southern Cali Trip

Every year we take a trip (or several) back “home” to SoCo!  This was the first time I feel like Ryan got to truly enjoy the weather, fresh fruit and crashing waves.  We love seeing Grandma and enjoying the peace that is being back in a familiar, relaxing place of your childhood.

Farmers Markets, Waves, Naps in the Sand…This is as close to Heaven as I got!

Enjoying Farmers markets has got to be our second favorite thing to do (the first? Of course, napping on the sand next to the Pacific!)  If only Texas had markets like these.  I’d have no problem shopping and dining on freshness every evening!

California Vacation_0001 California Vacation_0002 California Vacation_0003 Farmers Market Carlsbad Farmers Market California Vacation_0006 California Vacation_0007 the ocean California Vacation_0010

The PCH (or The 1, 101, street of many names) We’ve been all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top.  My favorite section has got to be between Cassidy Street and Buccaneer!  Or possibly just between Monterey and Big Sur??

Pacific Coast highway Top Gun house

The Iconic Top Gun House.  This house has gone through its battles.  It was supposed to be torn down years ago but the community rallied and got it to stay.  It’s definitely seen it’s glory days, lol!

oceanside pier

Dirty little boy feet due to never EVER wearing shoes.  While in Cali do as the Californians do….

Cali feet


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