Morning Routine | Making Changes

OK, so a donut is not always in my routine (I wish) but a hot cup of tea sure is. However, the tea really represents slowing down.  Taking a moment to really relax.  Since summer is here and relaxing is the name of the game, I decided to take June off.  For the most part at least.

Yes, I’m taking a breather!

In today’s fast paced culture we, as women, are often told we can do it all.  I’m beginning to figure out that’s just not true.  If we’re trying to do everything; be a mom, work, make dinner, get to practice, be a wife, have quite time, go on a vacation…we’re really not doing any of it the way we should.  Slowly and simply.

morning routine

Before I was a mom I used to take a walk every morning and finish on the back porch just doing nothing for a few moments.  Listening, being quiet.  Of course life stages change your routine but I’ve lately been fighting to get the quiet back in my life.


Saying no is kinda what it’s been taking.  Saying no in a nice way, with grace and understanding.


I’d love to hear what you want to change in your life.  How you can make it all a little more simpler?  It’s not an easy thing to do, believe me.  But it’s something worth doing.  Taking life one thing at a time instead of doing it all at once is a big adjustment.

Since I’ll be “taking June off” I have, in fact, prewritten a few posts I’d like to still share with you.  Instead of going quiet and being absent all together, I’ve planned it out a little.  Sometimes that’s what it takes.  Just know I’m over here sitting on my porch, trying really hard to do nothing at all.

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