Kauai, Hawaii Vacation

Back in October I wrote a book called Creative Business Startup.  I’d like to say I wrote it with the full support and encouragement of my family….(clearing throat).  My husband actually bet against me that I would not finish my book and he bet me a Kauai Hawaii Vacation.

I wrote that book and raised him #1 Best Seller…Hello Hawaii!

Now before you think, “what a jerk” he bet against me, I’m pretty sure the reason I succeeded was to prove him wrong.  I’m fully convinced that after 5+ years of marriage he knew this was what I needed and had no problem being the fire under my tooshee!  So, I’d like to thank him for not only a trip to Hawaii but pushing me in the way he knew I needed pushing!

We had a once in a lifetime trip.  Most of our trips are that way since we would much rather go somewhere new than return to someplace we know already.  Never the less our week in Paradis was memorable and of course I made Justin lug my giant camera (and lenses) all over the place.
Hawaii sunrise Kauai Vacation_0006

Please take a moment and envision me trying to take a selfi with a gigantic camera and lens…good thing nobody was around to witness the awkwardness!

Kauai sunrise Kauai Vacation_0008 Kauai Vacation_0009

Kauai Vacation_0002

Thanks self-timer and washed up log + cropping!

Kauai Vacation_0003

Kauai Vacation_0010 Kauai Vacation_0011 Kauai Vacation_0012 Kauai Vacation_0013

Did I mention we ran into some good friends on this trail and their 3 daughters!  We go to church with them and could not get over what a small world it is!

Kauai Vacation_0014 Kauai Vacation_0015 Kauai Vacation_0016 Kauai Vacation_0017 Kauai Vacation_0018 Kauai Vacation_0019 Kauai Vacation_0020 Kauai Vacation_0021 Kauai Vacation_0022 Kauai Vacation_0023 Kauai Vacation_0024 Kauai Vacation_0025 Kauai Vacation_0026 Kauai Vacation_0027 Kauai Vacation_0028 Kauai Vacation_0029

This beach, Tunnels, is actually where we went snorkeling a few days later.  Amazing reefs!  Waterfalls NEVER got old!

Kauai Vacation_0030 Kauai Vacation_0031 Kauai Vacation_0032 Kauai Vacation_0033

We flew over our hotel.  This is where we stayed.  We liked the location, it was right in the middle so we could go either North or South and it was about an hour either way.

Kauai Vacation_0034 Kauai Vacation_0035

If you’ve been to Kauai you get the rooster.  When you go to Kauai, you’ll get the rooster!

Kauai Vacation_0036

This was our view from our personal restaurant one lunch!

Kauai Vacation_0037

Remember, Puff the magic dragon?  He lived by the sea…And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honnah Lee…Same place, different spelling!

Kauai Vacation_0039

Kauai Vacation_0004

Food Food Food!  We love it!  We also love Yelp, besides a few recommendations from friends all our food choices were made from Yelp reviews.  With the exception of 1…we loved every place we ate at.  :D  Recommendations have an astrid* I also included what we did each day in case you would like to have an “stinking awesome” trip as well!


Sunday Night

TipTop Sushi*  (airport lady told us about this place, we would have gone everyday!)



Sunrise, sadly we awoke around 3 AM and then again at 5 AM but we did get to witness an amazing sunrise.  Hike up Napali Coast, start early and pick a dry day…we did neither and got very very wet, dirty and crowded.


Breakfast at LavaLava*  (Hotel woman suggested)

Lunch – Bubbas Burgers (in Priencville) *  (BFF suggested it)

Dinner – Oasis by the Sea



Sunrise, because we were still off on time zones!  Long walk on the beach.  Helicopter ride and Luau like good tourists we enjoyed complimentary drinks and fire dancing.  Mahalo Hawaii!


Kountry Kitchen (go early otherwise there is a line)

Fish Express (my first Poke bowl….surprisingly delicious considering I had no idea it was all raw!)




Another day of hiking through Waimaia Canyon (The grand canyon of the Pacific, so they say).


Kahaui Cafe & Coffee*  (BFF recommended it)

Makai Sushi + CocoLoco Snow cones (small place so we ate in the jeep by the water, snow cones were all organic fresh pure with cocoanut cream and local honey….swoon!)

Brick Oven Pizza (this was a back up, our original dinner plans changed and this was the only place we could find …. it was eh)

Snorkeling and our last full day of relaxation on the beach.  Driving with the roof off on the Jeep making lame music videos!  (These will go to the grave with my iPhone!)  Massage on the beach, couples (again, photo to the grave)


Olympic Cafe (not my fave so we went to JavaKai in Hanalei before snorkeling and it was cray cray good)

Chicken in a Barrel (don’t let the name fool you…this was my hubbies fave)

Hukilau Lanai (Probably the best! … in the universe)



One more sunrise, souvenir shopping and off to the airport.


Java Kai in Kapaa (because we could not get enough of it in Hanalei)


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