How Motherhood and Business Intertwine | Episode 4


Now a full time entrepreneur, what could alter her path?


A few weeks back I started this “mini series” as a way to, yes tell my story, but mostly as a way to connect with YOU and your story.  See, I believe that if you’re reading this (and if you’re reading the whole series I super duper believe this) you’re going to see glimpses of yourself in here.  You’re going to realize you’re not alone and you will probably start to feel a little bit of connection.  And connection is what I’m all about.


This episode is on how motherhood and business intertwine or really how your business changes and grows along with your own life journey and season. But if you’re wanting the whole scoop start on back at Episode 1 and let’s get connected cause in a few short weeks this mini series is going to be over and … there is going to be a surprise at the end!


(Says a narrator man with a dramatic flare)

Earlier on “The Life Journey” we were rooting for “Photographer”, she was moving mountains and making an impact with her business.  She was a giiiiiiiant snowball rolling down the mountain, getting bigger and bigger, going faster as she continued.  And life was looking great.


In a surprise twist we learned that even though business was going well she still dreamed of one thing.  Starting a family.  When the unthinkable happened she realized change was headed her way, ready or not.


The Story Continues…

We had been “trying” to grow our family for years.  The struggle of wanting something with my whole body, soul and heart and physically being unable to obtain it was crushing.  We shifted gears and started looking at different options to grow our family, to add little ones into the mix.


As I started to release control over the whole situation of “getting pregnant” and let my hands up off the wheel a bit, I started to see things in a different light.  What we were learning during this time of waiting and wondering was:

  1. The more we tried to plan the less we could actually stay on course
  2. With release of control we gained clarity
  3. What we thought was “best” would have been all wrong (hind sight is 20/20 for SURE)
  4. Timing was (and still is) completely out of our hands, trying to change that sucks energy and results in little (to no) progress


Then one morning when I found myself falling asleep all over the place like the kitchen table, guest bed, couch, waiting at red lights…I realized that even though we had stopped trying to start a family…I had not be keeping “track of things”  (if you know what I mean)… Then just like that, all of a sudden I was staring down at a little test that held so much promise.


I made an appointment with my doctor and walked into the clinic full of hope.  Then… we heard it, bump bump, bump bump and life would never be the same.  I walked through the parking lot with tears streaming down my face unable to fully comprehend what this was.  I was in love.  SO completely in love with this little poppy seed I didn’t even realize!


As weeks turned to months we grew (in more than 1 way) ready for the change fast approaching.  I started planning and organizing so I could take time off and still be running a business (this came with the help of hiring assistants and photographers). Once our son arrived my business started to look very different in my own eyes.  My priorities shifted and I got pretty serious about how and where I was spending my time.


Enter the scene: flour on my face, poop in my hair, spit up on my everywhere and oh yea did they pay that invoice, have I edited those photos?


Although, I had marvelous systems set up and even more marvelous people to implement the systems I found myself exhausted at the end of the day.  Mom brain should be a real diagnosis!  I was quickly realizing that 2 year olds are waaaaay more active than sleeping 2 months olds and I didn’t have the time I used to.


Somewhere in there we struggled yet again to get pregnant but by God’s GRACE were expecting another child.  I was now on round two of pregnancies.  We were having another little nugget and living on cloud 9!  I came up from maternity leave and becoming a mom of TWO over night and realized something big.


Just when I thought I had it all figured out.  I didn’t.  What was a “mompreneuer” if not some completely fictional lady that continued to push me to set my bar too high.  Was I in need of some serious reevaluations in my life and my business with this new season?  HECK YES!


I found that I really could NOT fit 8 hour days into one 2 hour nap-time slot, no matter how hard I tried.  It was, by all laws of time, impossible.  I had to change, I had to stop doing what I thought I should do and do what I actually COULD do.   Change was coming yet again…


Up Next, don’t miss the last episode of “The Life Journey” to see where motherhood+entrepreneurship takes her and how juggling more than she could handle caused a minor (or sort of drastic) shift in life!


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