Cayman Island Family Vacation

I’m a pretty big advocate for travel.  You know, the whole explore other cultures and see new places.  Since traveling and studying abroad in college I feel like ‘going places’ has be ingrained in my blood.  So it was not different when we started to grow our family.  I would love for our kids to have the same love for adventure as we do.  And is there a better place to start than a Cayman Island Family Vacation?

We took our 5 month old on an adventure to the Grand Cayman, and we’re not stopping there…

It all started with the passport fiasco!  After 16 weeks of waiting, 93 phone calls (slight exaggeration), and 27 emails we finally had to pack our lunches and head to the Passport Agency in Houston.

We applied for our new sons passport WELL in advance but there was some hold up and we could not figure it out with out physically going to the Houston location.  Luckily, we only had a 2 hour drive, the woman in front of us (with an adorable baby girl only 5 days younger than Ethan) had to fly in and was supposed to leave that afternoon to go to Mexico!

Another luckily, my dear friend and her family had this exact same issue with their daughter a few months ago and so she filled me in on how to go about the process.  So, we were well prepared for the hours and hours of waiting!

How did we choose the Grand Cayman?  Why not Europe or Hawaii?  Even though we love to travel my expectations have grown more realistic.  We chose to fly on Southwest Airlines (my forever love) and use our points.  We wanted to go direct from Houston and the flight time was less than 3 hours.  Grand Cayman fit my criteria.  With a 5 month old we wanted to go some where English speaking, just in case we needed medical attention for some reason so there we have it.

Since we flew Southwest and used points we were able to take along our sweet sweet friend to babysit for us while we did some dates and took our oldest on some excursions!  This was MONEY!  She did amazing and made the trip so much more relaxing and enjoyable.  She helped with the kids and cooking for the meals we chose to stay in, we love her!

If you really want to know where to go, what to do, where to rent and have a fully planned out vacation make sure to download my Grand Cayman Family Vacation Guide below!  I wish I had one for our trip!

Up next, we’ll soon be traveling to El Salvador with the kids in a few week!


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