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I do love me some good ‘ol fashioned paper books.  A while back I joined a book club with the mind set of, “I”ll never do this on my own but just maybe with accountability…” Accountability with other women in a similar stage as myself, I actually made some progress.  I learned I’m a deadliner…I need a deadline that can not move…a set date we were meeting and a small group made it pretty tough to sneak by.

True confession.

To keep up with my book club I had to repurchase some on audio so I could listen during work outs and driving.  But there is more than one way to skin a cat (ew, sorry, my grandad would aaaaalways say that).  And so I still count the audios as a success!

You can easily find most of my favorite books in my Amazon store HERE.

I’d love to share my review on just a few of them in case you have a long plane ride (free of littles) or extra time at night (ha…extra) or if you have the dream of “one day…” you’ll be prepared with a well recommended stack on your shelf!

Hillbilly Elegy

When my friend suggested this I had to google #noshame what Elegy meant….

This is what I found –
a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead.

Um, it’s not really about the dead but it sure did teach me about a culture, right here in the United States that I had no idea about.

And, it wasn’t until I read Educated (another awesome book about the same type of culture) that I realized this is real life.

Learning about people groups is something I love, I realize, I know very little about what goes on outside my little bubble unless I travel there or read about it. Since reading is a little less costly than travel I tend to do it (read) when trips are not in the near future.

Side note: some interview somewhere (very reliable source, cough) said, (I’m not even sure who said it or if I’m actually saying it right, so quotes are loose here) “If you want to better understand The Trump election, read this book.”  For what it’s worth…I think this book did do just that for me.


Master Plan of Evangelism

I have this in paperback and audio as well but I take it in very small doses while walking or driving to pick up the kids.  It’s a pretty heavy read and gives you a lot to process.

Why I love this book…it has broken down and explained to me things I’ve felt guilty about thinking and feeling for YEARS. Questions I’ve had explained very clearly using scripture to back it.

Such as (but not limited to):
If God wanted to really make a big splash when he rose from the dead, why did he only show himself, risen, to so few?

Why didn’t he just float up on a magic cloud to make all his sermons and speeches instead of rowing out in a boat, he’d for sure have won over the masses?

I’ve actually read and reread, listened and re-listened to this one many times. It takes time and is a process but I believe it to have impacted my life greatly.



I feel like this was, in a way, the female version of Hillbilly Elegy. And I mean that as a compliment.

Both open your eyes to a culture right here in the United States that is mind blowing.

Educated showed me that we can persevere DESPITE our circumstances and really really, what does not kill us, can make us stronger and ALLLLL the wiser.

In a way this was a true Cinderella story and I love that it’s not over yet!



A Mom After Gods Own Heart

I loved, A Mom After God’s Own Heart, because of how simple and matter of fact Elizabeth makes it feel. And shouldn’t it be simple?

Speak it (the Lords word) to them when we wake up, walk along the street, go to bed, ride in the car. (adapted from Deut 11:19)

And challenge them with memory verses. I gave my oldest a memory verse (Ps 18:3) NO joke, he got it the first time…and he is by no means far above average, smart, yes. But this shocked me, how quickly and easily kids can memorize.  He was also so proud (and still is) to tell people his verses.


Tech-Wise Family – 

This one gave me a lot of nuggets to take away but the one thing I feel in love with and immediately implemented was Tech free dinners.  That’s right, all technology (electricity included) is halted.

We eat by candle light, 🕯no phones are even ON. Not only do the kids love it but we are FORCED to enjoy.  I’ll be sharing my new tech habits and goals for 2019 in a future post!


The Masterpiece

Oh Francine…where do I begin with you.

I’ve read and reread all of your books and I count down the days until the new release…

The Masterpiece truly wraps you into the story. To be honest, the one thing I loved most about this was that the main character had a new born baby. While I was reading this I had just had my second child and I felt even more connected to the main character.

These books always wrap perseverance and truth together wonderfully.

Although, not as strongly recommended as Redeeming Love (one of Rivers most known books and for good reason), still a very VERY good read!

Now Please oh please share your latest read in the comments so I can find my next one!  We pick out book club books based off recommendations mainly!  And if you for one second think, “I could never…” ask yourself this, “Is it a priority, something you hold in a high place of value?”  If not then you’re probably right, you may never be in a book club or read several books a month.  BUT if it is in a high value spot…then…well, what are you waiting for?  No time like the present!

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