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A new me to better serve you!

(Says a narrator man with a dramatic flare)

Last time on the “Life Journey” our entrepreneur was making changes that would alter not only her business but her own life.  


You’ve now seen it all (and in case you have not, you can read it all right here with Episode 1) 5 episodes that take you through some big moments in this entrepreneurs life and business. 


You see, this entrepreneur has been on (and is still on) a Journey that should be shared so that you know, she’s been there too.  She messed up (remember that time she quit the wrong profession?), she’s been confused (filing taxes and DBA’s), made mistakes and gone through change (childbirth and moving to a new city). And on the other side of it all she experienced triumph and success, profit and excitement.


So read on and see what’s to come.  How will her journey change your journey?  


The Story Continues…

As I clicked off the light illuminating my dark office (aka guest room with a desk and very full closet) I sat for a split second and smiled.  I was not really sure I could fall asleep despite it being 2 AM!


I realize that all the steps I’ve gone through, the decisions I’ve made the techniques I’ve used need to be shared, they need to be out there so that mistakes can be skipped, frustrations can be eliminated and success can be enjoyed by others too.


Even as a small child I’ve always wanted to teach, educate and help others learn.  I was a teacher for years and I never really stopped when I left the classroom.


My heart (yes, I’m going all mushy on you) is being pulled toward YOU friend.  Sitting on the other side of this screen reading these words wondering: Am I enough, Can I do this, Will my idea work, How will I make a profit, What is my next step.  I hear you and I want to teach you!


This “season finale” is actually just the beginning.  When you clicked on this blog post you clicked on a completely new business.  Yesterday I was all about photography as my business.  But today I want to empower YOU to be the business owner.  I want you to build, profit and sustain a business that’s balanced with your own life and serve your clients!


Photography as my main business is taking a step back so that I can bring to the front a focus on getting you to the place you want to be.  I will share my secrets, tips, hacks, successes and (yes) failures too!


Instead of being the one taking photos I’ll be teaching others how to use photography as a business, for your business and for your life.  Some of the things you can expect to see from me in this NEW JOURNEY are:

  • hand in hand walking through the use of your own camera to create a business or capture your own life happening all around you
  • ONE of a kind photography workshops (in person) and courses (online)
  • life balance in the form of planners, focus tips, and strategies
  • completely free one-on-one business consultation (but only if you’re on my email list!  Wanna get on there, click that pink button down there)
  • travel guides and inspiration for adventure (oh did I mention each of my children traveled out of the country more than once before they were 6 months old? And I’ve been to over 23 countries myself?)
  • most of all I’ll be here for you, back pats and “you got this” included for free!  Cause there is NO reason to live with the fear of failure when you have amazingness to offer the world!


I’ll also be sharing more on a personal level.  I want to truly let you into my life by being authentic and transparent with you so you can trust me to come along on your journey.  I’ll be sharing my loves for: adventures of all sizes (from our backyard to our birthdays), health and homemade meal inspiration, plus backstage (in our sweet little cookie cutter home) family candids.  All of this can be found in my weekly Tuesday emails OR on Instagram so be sure to follow along!


If this sounds like it’s right up your alley then click this little pink button below and come along.  My goal is for you to succeed in your dreams, your life to be just a bit simpler and us to be friends!



As another page is turned my hope in all of this is that you would see yourself in these lines, you would relate and these words would resonate.


Because this is all about connection.  You’re NOT alone, I understand you.  So friend, tune in for the foreseeable future if you want to experience your own “Life Journey” that changes the world.

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