How To Take Pretty Pictures

We’ve all been there.  We want to dress to impress or put our best foot forward.  There are many reasons we want to do something, “better”. Taking better photos is what gives the world access to your life.  How you’ll remember your family and activities 20 years down the road.

Who wants dark and blurry memories??

I’m going to give you the first thing you can do to change your photos from Blah to Beautiful moments.  Meaning you take fewer shots to get, “the one” and that means less time wasted.better photos


This tip you can easily do with an iPhone as well as your fancy camera.  

Instead of standing close to your subject and getting a wide shot try one simple thing.  Take a giant step or two back and zoom in a little. This simple step will get your subject to look more proportionate as well as blur your background just a little bit.

pretty pictures

If you’re handing off your phone to have someone take a photo of you, hand it off already a little zoomed in.  Believe me this single simple action will get you on the road from Blah photos to Beautiful ones!better photos

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