Save the date

This is happening in a few short days and I’m pinching myself all over the place!

Don’t get left out!


You’re my friend and I don’t want you to get left out.  Click here so you can hop on the list and know the second the very very first episode of The Unhurried Life comes out!


In case you’re wondering if you’ll still be able to catch up on blog posts, recipes, trips and more on my blog…the answer is YES!  Of course you will.


In fact more of my blog will become about lifestyle.  Food that is good and simple. Trips that are restorative and adventurous.  Lifestyle changes that will allow you to “stop and smell the roses”.


So if you want to get blog updates and podcast updates make sure you and I are chatting in our inboxes!  Click here so you don’t miss out!


November 5th and for every Tuesday after – we’ll be talkin’ sis!

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