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As you may know, (or maybe not) I’ve officially been taking photos and been in business for over 9 years (gosh that’s almost a decade, and now I feel old). In those years I’ve gotten a lot of great questions asking for photography tips and how to start a business.

Now, I want to hear from you.  I want your questions. 

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Even though I’ve replied to emails and wrote a few blog posts in the past I’ll admit, I never really gave my full attention.  You know how it goes?  Well, I’m ready to give you my full attention. I want to answer your questions (yes,specifically yours).

Click here to ask me your 2 questions either about photography and taking photos or starting/running a business (or both). You can also ask me what I made for dinner last night and I’ll tell you (because yes, kale chips were part of the menu and some how I got my toddler to consume them ALL!).

HOWEVER, I won’t answer, if you don’t ask. So here is your chance, ask me your photo or business questions or share this post with a friend.  How can I make your life and job easier, how can I keep you from making the mistakes I made?  Only by knowing what you want to know.

You may be asking, why now?  Well, I’ve had enough people pulling at me asking for photography tips and business tips that I’m starting to realize it’s sort of my calling to help others.  Not to mention paying it forward.  I had people that helped and taught me along the way, why shouldn’t I be doing the same thing.

After writing my book, Creative Business Startup and hitting a few different best seller lists I realized I needed to do more.  I’ve booked hundreds of weddings and taught dozens of photographers but it’s time I dove deeper and really gave back.

So after much delay I’ve owned up.  No more resistance.  I’m here and happy to help and I want to help you!

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