A Podcast about Purpose

Wondering about this lady over here, hi, it’s me, Jen.

Teacher turned photographer turned podcaster + a lot in between!


Trust me, I’m wondering too.  I’ve worn a lot of hats and I’m currently wearing a lot as well!  My journey started to shift a little less than a year ago when I was coming off my last maternity leave.  Read about it here in my clever AND corny mini series.




When I left teaching to become a full time small business owner I jumped into a whole lot I had no idea about.  But as I learned the right and WRONG ways of doing things I couldn’t help but want to teach it to others.


I created a profitable (quite profitable in fact, six-figures!) system for running a business and profiting from passion.  So, I shared it by writing a book. Creative Business Startup!




Then I changed my business model, I added two little helpers, my kids!  When I “brought on” these helpers I realized I wanted to help other mama’s create a life they WANTED instead of feeling stuck in a life they had to have


I put down on PDF and in video all the systems, emails, processes, workflows I used to create my photography business.  I made them available for others that wanted guidance on the shortcut to starting a photography business.


During a long season of rest and reset I discovered my true passion and purpose.  




It was empowering women to be brave and have no excuse, to encourage them to overcome their struggles and create the life they were intended to live.


Now, why am I recapping my journey?  I want to put it out there, for you and for myself, that photography is still something I love.  Photography is something I’m good at and love to teach and I feel it has a place in my “purpose statement”.  


Wanna take awesome pics of your kids on the beach but want to enjoy the moment too? Let’s learn amazing phone pic techniques.


Have an awesome pic of your kids on the beach and wanna put it in an album to remember for years and years (or on the wall?)  Let’s edit it like the pros!


Wanna start a business of your OWN so you have the freedom to live the life you choose.  Let’s start a photography business. Or any business, you still need to be able to show the world what you’re doing and you can do that through amazing photos.


In case you were sitting here wondering about creating beauty or freedom in your life these are things we’ll be talking about on The Unhurried Life podcast comin’ in a few SHORT weeks!


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