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I absolutely love how supportive my husband is of my shenanigans and growing business.

He calls my work my, “creative outlet”!

growing business


I recently got a “pass” to go to San Antonio to the Business Boutique conference and met some amazing women.


It was totally up my ally.  Automatic 3 things in common.  Woman.  Business owner.  Loves God.


I feel like I grew so much.  Driving home with new ideas, fresh inspiration and a million more things to put on my to-do list.

As I was folding laundry and packing lunches I pulled out the book, Business Boutique, I bought while at the conference and cracked it open.  Seriously, I can’t do just one thing at a time #momlife.

I’m not done yet and since May is….well May (with end of school, teacher appreciation, trip planning, final Junior League meetings and more) I probably will take the rest of the summer to finish it up.  However, I love the way Christy Wright speaks to women and to their hearts.  So, I know I’m going to fall in love with her best seller!


Speaking of things to come…I want to let you in on something very exciting that’s happening and it all came to a head while I was at the conference earlier!


My passion taken a little shift.  I’m falling in love with taking photos of kids (mostly mine!) and I want to share that ability with other mama’s!

I’m so thankful my own mom clicked photos of my childhood and took her roll of 24 images down to get developed, creating for me a, shoebox full of memories. But I’ve been getting anxious lately thinking about what my mom friends and myself are doing for our kids. Where are all our life memories going?  Into our “memory full” phones and overcrowded photo libraries on the computer???  This thought keeps me up at night.  Really!

So I’m doing something about it!!

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growing business

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