Adventure Love Affair

The other day while I was washing the dishes after dinner and my hubby was giving the boys a bath…it hit me.  I was daydreaming about a fun new vacay we could all go on (mind you we have like 4 already planned out in the next 3 months but nonetheless, still dreaming) when something hit me.

I’m letting you in on a few spring break travel tips to make your life a tiny bit easier!

There is a book called the 5 Love Languages and it goes over 5 main way we receive and give love.  I’ve always thought mine was affirming words, “Good job on keeping the kids alive today” or “you wear that sweatshirt well, babe!”  (thanks hun!) But as I was washing dishes, dreaming I realized my the main way I feel loved is spending quality time together.  (I.E. – going on trips!) Trips and adventures away from the home force us to focus on each other, work through situations and make fun new memories.


I gasped and yelled to my husband, now drying the boys off!  

“Babe!!! I think my love language is actually quality time!”

Justin: “Yea, I know”


Palm to the forehead…


In case you too have the love language of quality time (or you just like adventures) I wanted to give a few pointers or spring break travel tips with the fam!

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Where to Stay

When you’re with littles (and even big kids) staying in an airbnb could be your best bet.  For a few reasons, washer and dryer, separate rooms, kitchen to cook (and save $) some meals in.


Let me elaborate and hopefully prevent you from ever making a similar mistake! We went to El Salvador when my second was 4 months old and that was the LAST time we will stay in a hotel with kids.  3 diaper blowouts, 2 stomach viruses (for the grown ups) and 1 crying all night long!


What to bring

Years ago we got the Southwest Airlines credit card and we never looked back.  We budget with this thing as well as get loads of points too. Points lead to free flights which lead to free companion passes which lead to FREE checked bags (like pack and plays, suitcases, all of it!)


For longer trips we take our carseats.  (Make life easier with these Carseat bags!) They can get expensive to rent but for a short trip – and to make loading and unloading easier – we rent them!


Tips for Ease

After last summer where, upon check in, the Southwest woman recognized us form the month before aaaaaand noted that my son had gotten 2 new teeth since last seeing us….we have taken quite a few trips.


Also, remember that part where we get loads of points and free flights…we bring a babysitter.  Call us high maintenance but this has been so much fun for us. Mainly cause we have such amazing sitters that are practically part of the fam.


I compiled this tip sheet on all the ins and outs for traveling with newborns – toddlers.  It gives sneaky shortcuts and even walks you through what it will be like at security and boarding (all major transition spots where trouble could boil up if you’re not careful!)


Snag the guide here and start traveling/going on adventures sooooooon!  My spring break travel tips are just a click away!


Travel guide for newborn




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