How to Organize Your Photos

June is the month of organizing, simplifying and decluttering and we’re starting with your memories!

Does it feel Overwhelming when you think about organizing your family photos?

I’m sure you’re thinking, JEN, have you seen my phone, I have 30K + pics on here and I’m gonna have to be an empty nester before I have the time to do anything about it!

Well let me change that! In today’s episode we’re tackling an issue that’s near and dear to my heart!

How to Organize Your Photos!

Blast from the past! I was a professional photographer for over 10 years and I kept track of thousands of photos!  I created a system for it and now I’m letting you in on the system.  But this is just the beginning.  In order to go even deeper I’ve created a 5 Day Challenge: To Organize Your Photos and you can join here! (totes free!)

Step 1: Gather

This was one of the best and most practical tips I ever heard as far as how to organize goes.  Gather together everything from one category (in this case, photos) so you can see what you have and what you are working with!

Get everything, USB’s, CD’s, shoeboxes, scrapbooks, allllll of it!

Step 2: Order

You’ll need to get one large hard drive, I say 2 TB or bigger, and some photo boxes.  When you order photo boxes go for something they can lay flat in, like 10 in x 8 in or even 12 in x 12 in.  Container Store and Target have great ones!

Consolidate all your digitals onto that one large hard drive you got and separate your actual photos into the boxes.  Use stages for the boxes, for example: childhood, before kids, little, elementary, etc.  Pick stages that apply to you and your family.

Step 3: Remind

This is where you create the system that will keep you accountable.  Creating a system to keep your photos organized so you’ll do it again and again.

Set a reminder on your phone to go through your previous month of photos and heart or select the ones you love and put them into an album for that month (may 2020).  These will be the photos that go in your family album at the end of the year.  They’ll be all gathered and waiting for you on Jan. 1st for you to drag and drop!  Such a simple system!

You’re well on your way to organizing your photos if you just start here, but if you’re ready to go EVEN deeper!  Join the 5 Day Challenge: Organize Your Photos!


5 Day Challenge: Organize Your Photos

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