Be the Change

How to work from home?  How to be a working MOM from home?  How to make and KEEP good girlfriends?  How to eat right, be healthy and look amazing?  How to find your purpose? How to make time for your own hobbies and interests (when you’re raising kids)?

Have you ever struggled with living the life the world says you should?


We’ve each built our own lives.  Yet we can look at them and see all the things we want to change, all the things we do because we feel we’re supposed to.


Why is that?  Why do we have to live in a life we’re not exactly content with?  And who is actually setting these unattainable standards? 



In a world where we wear so many different hats: friend, mom, wife, sister, ceo, housekeeper, nurse, budgeter, cook … how do we learn to wear them WELL?


These questions are exactly the sort of thing I’m going to tackle in my podcast, launching in November.


We’re going to create a new space, a new life, a new norm.  Change is hard and tackling some of these things won’t always be a walk in the park.  



My purpose is to empower YOU to overcome.  So you can move into a new place. It’s a tad counter-cultural and may not be what “everyone else” is doing.  But if you look around and see that everyone else is struggling too…wouldn’t you WANT to be different? 


In a world that says hustle, let’s say slow down.  In a world that says busy let’s live unhurried. In a world that says chaos let’s live with stillness.  


Learn to unburden your schedule, your life, your heart!  


Next month in my podcast I’ll dive in, head first, to help you overcome your struggles.  I’ll slide into your ear buds or onto your car stereo and run this race with you. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram to be the first to hear the FIRST episodes!

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