How to Meal Prep with Kids!

Toward the beginning of this quarantine thing we were barely keeping our heads above water.  On top of having a newborn I was running my business from home (as usual) but this time my kids school was cancelled!

Are you completely overwhelmed at the thought of what’s for dinner?


This quarantine has affected us all so differently but one thing I knew I had the power to change was how we prepared our meals.  Would I let this prep time be a time of chaos and stress or would I figure out a way to get good, healthy and FAST meals on the table!?


I decided I would do the fast and easy one!



Not sure what to do with the little people while you prepare said dinner?


Tired of searching pinterest for quick, easy, healthy recipes and wasting precious nap times?


I hear you sis!



Together, with my banshee boys we got to testing, cooking and creating.  The result was 10 under 10.


Everything you need to prepare 10 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus dessert and snack) with under 10 minutes of prep time.


Recipes designed for your little ones to help and not hinder the process!  (no matter how nutso your kids are, if my banshee boys can help yours can too!) 


Preparing food for your family during quarantine can be incredibly overwhelming! 


The truth is none of us have ever been in this situation before, cooking every single meal from home, no other options, extreme planning and constantly being cooped up in doors! 


We went from loads of options, kids in school, routines to always being together, rare moments alone and total brain overload!


We have to feed our family but we have no idea how and when to get it on the table without causing defcon 4 in our homes!


Friend, I have some good news.

I created a solution – a simple, practical system – to this massive frustration!


After getting incredibly frustrated with my own meal prep situation, I decided to figure this thing OUT!


I’ve combined my expertise of being a work from home mama for years with my love for a healthy lifestyle (as well as being an elementary teacher for years and totally loving to teach kiddos to be a part of the process!)  It’s now a formula that anyone can understand and implement! 


Here’s what I’ve learned: you don’t have to have a nanny and nutrition degree to get tasty healthy meals on the table with littles at home!


I have a process for planning healthy and getting food ready that will make life SO MUCH EASIER!

You’ll get it done quickly and effectively!


You’ll be the best version of yourself and have a system in place to make meal prep fast and food yummy (+good for you)!


Here’s what you’re getting!

  • Learn my secret system to a one pan, healthy dinner, how to put it together and think ahead with freezer meals!
  • Learn how to improvise with the crock pot, using what’s on hand SO YOU”RE NOT STUCK AT 5:00 PM pulling out a frozen lasagna! 
  • Get my favorite go to dessert for potlucks (when we’re allowed out again) and taking dinners to families in need!
  • Learn to prep breakfasts and lunches to last the whole week so you’re woking once and enjoying every day!
  • Get my fulfilling and kid friendly snack that will keep you out of the pantry perusing. 

10 recipes that all take under 10 minutes to prepare.

I’m excited to conquer this healthy, FAST meal prep challenge with you.  Let’s get ahead of the game and enjoy meals with the family. Who knows when we’ll be doing this much cooking and eating together again!!!???



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