Living Intentional: A Beautiful Life with Lesley Graham

Why is it so hard for us women to fully embrace and admit our strengths? We were actually made to stand out and go against the mainstream flow of things.  It’s time we started living intentional.  Intentionally standing out!

Cultivating a life with intention!


Living Intentional

How often do we just try to blend in?

We’re not big on standing out or admitting we have strengths.


Something in our culture we’re told to just go with the flow, don’t bring attention to yourself… ever!

But you know what? You ARE special and there are times when it’s OK to stand out and be comfortable embracing your abilities.

This week over on the podcast we get into creating an atmosphere where you can feel comfy sharing, you can feel safe inviting others in and finding a place where you can have undivided attention and be the best version of yourself.

Cultivating Your Space

Part of being intentional with living means we take the lead when it comes to designing the space we live in.  Our homes foster a lot of our lives.  Are you being intentional with your home?  Are you intentional about creating a space that nourishes?

Maybe you like the idea of cultivating a space for conversation or creativity but you’re not sure how to do it?  Lesley and I go into this deeply and fully in this episode of the Unhurried Life Podcast!

How do we get to this place of feeling rooted in who we are? Well come listen in and we’ll talk about it!



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