Tell me if this is you, cause it SURE is me!

It’s okay to ask for help, that does not make us lazy or a burden!


Feeling like I need to do it all on my own, inside my four walls.  Nobody needs to see me struggle or flounder, keep the doors closed and probably draw the curtains cause I’m going to figure it out all by myself.


If I hire a cleaning service, I’m lazy, I can totally sweep my own floors and scrub my own toilets.  When I get a sitter so I can just have coffee with a friend, I’ve sacrificed their precious bedtime routines and spent our hard earned money to sit and “chat”.  If I close my bedroom door and ask for 5 minutes to go to the DANG bathroom by myself and call through to the crying kids on the other side (that are not bleeding and clearly breathing) “mommy needs time by herself!” I’m neglecting these sweet little angels.  


When I decided to start this podcast it was not for any other reason than to be there for you!  We all need help. We ALL need time to ourselves and sometimes, we actually need permission to slow down.


Permission granted!  I’m no expert and I read once that we teach what we’re learning or what we’ve mastered.  Since I’m clearly NOT the latter I want to be there for you. I want to walk through life and empower you to live an unhurried life, a life with intention and a life that is slightly nontraditional.


The world tells us to hustle, let’s learn to slow down.  It tells you to feel guilt, let’s learn to stop listening.  The world tells you, YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH, or you’re doing it wrong, let’s learn to be filled by truth, NOT lies.


Asking for help or admitting (even if it’s to yourself) you need help has somehow become a weakness thing.  Helloooooooo….how did people build barns in the prairie days, how do we give birth, how does Oprah produce her show/empire… none of that happens alone.


It’s time we cut the chaos, we stop comparing and start living on purpose. 


Next month, I’ll be launching my podcast (still yet to be named) so cast your votes PLEASEEEEE! The whole idea behind it is to help you overcome your struggles.  Struggles as a woman, mom, wife, sister, friend. Sometimes the best way to create a life where you can flourish in is not always the most done way. It takes courage to be different and to say no.  It takes bravery to change the way you’ve “always been doing” it and try it the way you WANT to do it.


Make sure you’re following along on instagram as I gear up to launch and as I start, already, recording episodes THIS WEEK!  This is for you!

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