Finding Your Place

Why a podcast?

Podcasts are the best way for us to sit down and chat, really talk!


Blogging is fun, and I’m doing it right now, I love it.  I love to write and learning how to start a blog and keep a blog for my business has been a huge process.  Same goes for a podcast.


But writing is missing something that a podcast can provide.



It’s almost like a text vs an old fashioned phone call.


We get to hear voices, laugh out loud, hear inflections, hear tears and have real life conversation.  Apart from actually having coffee together in my living room, this is as close to you as I can get.


Starting a podcast was not my idea!  Let me be clear, I sort of said a flat out NO, for a whole year!  I had every excuse in the books. But when I flew to North Carolina this summer to speak at a retreat I stared podcast right in the face and said, okay.



Speaking to women and helping them overcome their struggles is a huge joy in my life.  I love relational moments, a time to figure it out. Finally, starting a podcast felt right and I got a little bit of bravery from saying it out loud.  “I’m starting a podcast”.


I’ve been overjoyed when I ask a friend or a friend of a friend to come be a guest and I get a yes.  First because, YAY, we get to sit down and chat for a while and second because we get to share with you our real life!



If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, I’ll walk you through it all right now!  I’ve created a welcome page that gives you all the deets. From what my podcast is aaaallllll about to downloading the app (for any device).


Click over here and check it out!  Plus get on THE LIST so you’ll be the first to know the second the podcast is uploaded, believe me, I’m going to be speaking straight to you and you don’t want to be left out!

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