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As the sun started to set we too set out. We walked over bridges and around the bend to a grassy spot near by. With custom outfits sewn by Grandma to match and our favorite stuffed toys it was not hard to get smiles flowing. Giggles came as ladybugs crawled up our arms and Mom and Dad actual kissed in front of us! Oh and at the end we got to sip soda through a straw, all four of us out of the same bottle, now that was fun and funny!

I’m not your normal family photographer, I like to incorporate your own family into the photos to tell the story of your life. Special and natural moments happen when your family is most relaxed and comfortable. This shoot was the perfect recipe for all of that. We had a wonderful time walking through the park and spying bunnies hop along. This was such a relaxing moment for us all.

You may not have ever had family photos taken or you mayeven think your family wouldn’t be able to all work together for 30 minutes to get some great images. But you really want to have those sweet moments of your family at the stage they are in now. That’s why you’re going to give it a try.

Stroll through this amazing family photography session and visualize your family there. Imagine what makes you guys laugh, is it a game, sport or maybe ice cream. Chances are you won’t even need something you’ll get to laughing as soon as someone cracks a joke or makes a silly noise. It’s your turn to get those family photos you’ve been wanting. Contact me now and schedule your session today!

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas and most of all thank you for your support and spreading the word about Jen Brazeal Photography. Your biggest compliment is sharing our name with future brides, grooms, and friends! We are a College Station Wedding Photography Business but available for travel and we’re honored to be considered to capture the special moments in your life rather they be wedding photography, engagements photos, bridal photos, family photography or other special occasion.

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