Christmas Tree Photos

Can you believe it’s that time of year?  I sure can’t believe it!  I wanted to share with all you mama’s out there how to take adorable Christmas Tree Photos with your kiddos!

After becoming a mom myself, I realize how special and important it is to document and capture my little guy with good quality photos!

Here is my first tip.  To get the rest of my tips and examples make sure you click on the button below to download the Quick Tip Guide!


  • Having your kids sit closer to the tree will give you less of the tree and more of

the kids.

  • Always make sure to look for cords or other items in the background that may

make your pictures look cluttered or messy.

  • Simple cropping can fix this sometimes but you want to look for it ahead of time.

In this example see how cropping removed the plugs?

  • However, to keep the background blurred out you may loose focus of one of

your kids if they are not right next to each other. See how the baby is blurry but

the big girl is sharp? The baby was sitting closer to the camera, this is why she

is blurry.


In the next example I’ll show you how to keep both kids in focus while creating a blurred out background.

Christmas Tree Photos

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