I’m Struggling

On a recent trip to Tahoe we went to take pictures by the lake.  My husband had gone on with my younger son and it was just me and my oldest.  We were struggling to get up a snowbank and back to the car. I made it to the top first and turned to check on my 4 year old.

Ever found yourself struggling with business, life, decisions, what to cook for dinner even?

I couldn’t help but laugh.  He would take a few steps up and then slide back down, step up, slide down and the whole time was pep talking himself to the top.

I thought it was cute and so I pulled out my phone to get a little video clip.  You know, beautiful lake, white snow, adorable snow suit! However, when he looked up and saw me his self encouragement turned to frustration!

“MOM, this is not the time to take a picture, can’t you see I’m struggling?”

Oh the shame, I couldn’t stop laughing but quickly stashed the phone and slid down the mound to give him a boost.  

Can’t you see I’m struggling?

How many times have I wanted to shout this out to the world, to my friends, to my closest family members, but I don’t.  I keep on going with my head down, pep talking myself the whole climb.

Am I alone here?  Ever felt like this?  “I can do it all by myself.”


Well if you have felt like this and you’re ready to shout it out and have someone come sliding down the hill to climb beside you today is your lucky day.  I’ll slide over to you and give you a boost IF you’ll let me.

I started a business years ago and I learned a whole lot.  I loved what I was doing and making a pretty nice income doing it.  I’m not saying all this for a pat on the back, I’m just simply letting you know, I climbed one hill and made it to the top.  I got a view of what was up there and I would LOVE to pull you up and show you around.

Let me show you the places I stepped to climb up and the wrong places to put your foot so you don’t slide back down.  This is the part where we get excited, high five, hug, feel encouraged cause TOGETHER we can get to new places. (Ok, that last part sounded kinda corny when I reread it but I’m leaving it in here cause I stand by it!)

Join with me and let me hop in your inbox every week with resources, tips on business, travel, what to cook for dinner (on occasion), and let’s be partners!

Clicking that little button up there means you’re ready to make some changes and that’s awesome.  I’m so pumped for you and knowing that we’re going to be in this together makes me so happy!

One last thing.  You notice how I pulled out my phone to take a pic of my son earlier?  I had brought my fancy DSLR but it was safely resting in the case, in the car but I had my phone in my back pocket.

This happens a lot with me, my phone is usually what’s most convenient and I’m betting it is for you too!  It got me thinking about you, how you love pretty things and want to capture the prettiness all around you.  You know you use those pics from your phone on insta and all over facebook to share with others your sweet life!  So why not step up your photo game with my 5 Day Challenge: How to take frame worthy phone pics.

This Challenge will do everything from transform your everyday trip to the grocery store, to once in a lifetime vacays to help you visually market to your ideal clients as well as, just get adorable photos of your sweet little ones playing in the yard!

It’s totally free and TOTALLY brand new!  I’d love to walk you through the steps I’ve been using for years on my fancy DSLR translated onto the simple yet handy camera you carry in your purse!

Sign up below!


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