Just Like You

I feel like I need to be honest with you right now.

I’m all over the place with my life. Like really.

As you may (or may not, if you missed it click here) know I recently made a switch in my biz life. Went from being full time Photography Business CEO, cranking in six figures and working my booty off to….starting a new business all about teaching photography and business to YOU.

I’ve had my head down, no social life, babysitters, late nights, early mornings, all of it. Trying to get this new thing I’m soooo passionate about “off the ground”.

And it’s hard.

It’s taking time and work and a lot of me sitting behind this screen typing away. Not to mention we’ve been traveling all over the US the past few weeks (crazy trips too) and all while my youngest has had chronic ear infections!

I don’t always get to send my emails on Tuesday (sometimes it’s Friday or Wednesday).  My blog posts are close to consistent but not exactly, my schedule changes, my words get jumbled but I’m here and you’re here and you’re the reason I keep on keepin’ on!

So, from the bottom of my heart I want to tell you THANK YOU, I’m figuring it out (slow and steady wins the race) and your understanding means THE world!

I’m excited you’re along on this journey with me and if you only just stumbled on this blog post there are a few things you should know if we’re going to do this “life” thing together.

  1. I’m a very energetic, outgoing and happy person (98% of the time)
  2. Being Authentic, vulnerable and real is what I strive towards
  3. Motherhood and wifehood are 2 of my greatest passions but the Lord is my numero uno
  4. Things you’ll find on this blog are Travel adventures, photography tips and business guidance

There is a lot more I could number off but let’s just start there.  I’m a real gal, that works out of her guest room/home office and I live a pretty normal life.  Cookie cutter house, my husband works (a regular job, not with me) my family does not live close so I rely on some pretty amazing babysitters to make me sane.

Why does this matter?  I want you to know I’m not that different from you but that I have a lot of experience I’m dyyyyying to share with you.

If you think you may want to hang out more then click this button below and we can start this relationship off right!

If you’re also wondering, what can Jen offer me?  Well, I’m glad you wondered/asked!

I want to ask you for a moment if you’ve ever gone somewhere fun, did something cool or gone on a great vacay?  Did you take pics of it?  Maybe with your phone?

Well friend, I’m glad you’re here TODAY cause I just opened the doors to a new 5 day challenge to getting frame worthy phone pics.  If you want to get warmed up to me and learn some crazy awesome tips that you can start using…well…NOW then join the challenge.



Next time you’re out and about you’ll be clicking beautiful, dreamy and perfect pics with YOUR PHONE!  No more crowded little squares that are dark and forgotten on your camera reel.

In 5 days you’ll see total transformation.So let’s do it, let me start off this relationship right and walk you through some major transformation…for FREE!  Check out these phone pic before and afters!


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