Marketing your Business with Photos

Looking to have an easy and consistent brand feel or life feel when taking photos. Marketing with photos does not need to be a struggle. Let me help!

So you wanna start a biz. Or you just wanna have a pretty insta feed. I feel ya. Both are legit reasons to have beautiful photos. What I have for you in today’s blog will help you in either scenario of life!

When you start a business there are a million things that go into it. But being able to convey your message, position your brand/business for marketing and let your future clients know what they can expect is one of the HUGEST mountains to climb.

But don’t sweat it. I’m going to lay out one of the simplest systems for getting amazing results by marketing with photos. Instagrammer you’ll also be learning the system behind a consistent and lovely feed too!


When opening the doors to a new adventure (life, business, whateve) pick your mood or color vibe. I know this can be tough and it does NOT have to stay the same forever (reread that last sentence please!) Here’s a little shot of my insta feed to show you what I mean.

Next, hone in on how you’re editing. This will help with your color vibe but try and apply the same settings when editing so you don’t swing far one way or the other. To do this grab my completely free Lightroom Editing preset so you can get started. In the guide video I made I show you how to keep the editing consistent at the very end when applying to multiple pics. *ummm it’s free so give it a whirl!


You may have heard this a million times and there is a reason for the repeat. LIGHTING. Yes, friend, it matters! Open a window in your home, move a chair, find a piece of foil (to reflect light) do what you need to do but find a place that lights up your photos.

No use trying to display your cute etsy products, new romper for your daughter, what you’re packing on your next big trip if you can’t see it (aka no good lighting). So when getting a series of photos for marketing try doing a few at a time so the light is the same and you’re not dragging stuff out again and again.


Rather you’re using your phone or a fancy camera compose that pic. What do I mean exactly. Instead of dead on center, try the rule of 3rds. Check out the example below where I have the bride walking on the left, leaving the right 2/3rds open…

Creating beautiful photos to market your brand


Another way to compose photos for your feed or marketing your brand is to take notice of what’s closest to your camera, what’s in the background and what’s in the middle ground.

Also, leading lines are one of my ALL time favorites. When designing you Insta feed make sure lines do not overrun the feed annnnnd that they are not missing. When taking photos for your new biz keep leading lines pointing towards your focal point. Like the lines of the stairs pointing straight toward the bride. She is the biggest deal in the pic!


Position and market your brand with beautiful photos


Keeping these 3 elements in mind when marketing with photos or just getting beautiful everyday shots of your family will start to transform your pics.

Do you feel like your new business could use some beautiful images to help tell the story of your brand? Or are you tired of getting so-so shots of your cute kiddos playing? If you’re ready to step up your game and get comfy behind your camera (rather that’s a fancy DSLR or the one in your back pocket) I got the systems you need.

After being a professional photographer for over 10 years and a momtographer for about 4 years I’ve got a pretty smooth system down for composing, clicking, and organizing! Click her to be the first to know when my system is made available for YOU! (Lead page to waiting list)


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