How to Start A Wedding Photography Business

Staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page is my favorite thing.  SAID NOBODY EVER! So why did I find myself doing it, like, all the time? This was what I had quit my day job for, so why couldn’t I find my words?

Don’t you dare ever google: How to Start A Wedding Photography Business, again!

From the moment I resigned from teaching elementary school and went in to, head first, creating my own wedding photography business I knew I still wanted to teach (some day).  This was not the end, but the beginning, it was just a loooonnnngggg beginning.

See, I felt that, in order to teach I had to first do.  So do I did. I built a business from the ground up. Marketing, contracts, photo shoots, accounting, social media, blog posts.  YOU NAME IT. I figured out what didn’t work and I figured out what moved the needle (aka – got me some cash money!)

Then years later, after all that truckin’ it up hill, I decided I was ready to teach it.  My true PASSION was to give other women the tools they needed to successfully start, profit and sustain a business (all from the comfort of their own home!)  I knew what it took, I knew the short cuts, the secrets, I had loads of tips. So WHY was I staring at a blinking cursor and a totally blank page?

Giving away my work, my HARD work and knowing how to put it out there for others is tough.  So many thoughts raced through my mind.

What if they don’t like it?

Is this too much?  Too little?

What if they don’t like ME?

What if nobody buys?

What if somebody else could do it better?

Who am I to say I’ve mastered this?

Oh oh oooooohhhh the list goes on.  So the page sits blank. Until…

I’m sitting in the living room at 1:00 AM with my mom and she says (because I’m sure someone somewhere paid her, she IS my mom) –

“You have a gift, you have a true calling.  This is something divine, to give away all you’ve done in the attempt to get others to do it too but quicker, faster and easier!  Why would you NOT share it, it works!”

Oh mom.

I start to type an intro, my tips, the lenses I use.  I start to pull photos from weddings, engagements and other shoots.  My experience starts to fill up the pages, I think of more tips, details, little ways I changed it to make it better.  

I start to teach.  

Page after page I’m putting down my processes, the things I worked YEARS on.  At first a little hesitant thinking, “Should I really give it aaaallllll away? I mean this is my business, this is my hard work after, 11 years of taking thousands of photos and running a six figure business year after year.  They will know it all!” But then I think… “They will know it ALL” and I keep teaching, creating, giving it to you so you can TOO!

I’m teaching you how to start, run, master and do it RIGHT.  How to Start A Wedding Photography Business, all the emails, templates, tips, questions.  I feel like I’ve just shared my soul (a little dramatic but true) with you.

There is no way around it.  Starting a business is h-a-r-d and it takes time but with the tools I’ve created and things I’m teaching I believe, with my whole heart, that you can do it too (and with less mistakes, less money, less time than it took me!)

If you’re wanting to be among the first to get the Insider access, be the first to know and maaaybe get a little sweet gift ….


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