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Time and time again the second most popular question I get is, “What lenses do I use?” Well, ask no more.  I’d love to share with you what I carry around on my shoulder and in my bag.

Finally, the answer!

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My all time favorite lens and go to, (also can be purchased for rather low entry cost) is a 50mm lens.

This lens is fixed which means it does not zoom in or out but that also means you can change it’s settings, like aperture, in a broader range.

I also love to carry a 24-70mm lens that DOES zoom in and out.  When using this lens always remember to step back and zoom in a little bit rather than being right up close.  

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When picking the lens you want think about what you’ll be using it for. The smaller the number, 24mm then the more you’ll have in your photo, the wider image you can take. The larger the number, 100mm means it’s more zoomed and close up.

The reason why a 50mm is so great, it’s right in the middle.  Very little distortion comes into the image and it’s more true to reality.

Want to know even more about lens selection?? Make sure you grab the “What’s in my Bag Guide Book” by clicking below!What's In My Bag

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