How to Create A Good Family Album

While in this season of doing less and trying to simplify I want to share with you one way I’ve found helps me feel like I’ve got my act together. This is not really anything that amazing, it just helps me check one thing off my list and have something to show for it.

Let’s talk about creating a good family album

Often we run around town, fill up on gas, cook dinner for the 900th time and hit the pillow exhausted with little to actually show for what we did.  Yes, the kids are still alive and the house is still standing but we have nothing in our hands to say, “look, I did this”.

A few years back I started making our family albums.  This was what I needed.  A way to say, “look at all we did do this year”. Our memories, the special ones and the everyday ones all contained in this 12×12 album.

family album



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