Photography Basics


Did you just get a brand new DSLR? Or are you still deciding between Canon or Nikon? No worries! This video I made for you will help you decide which brand is best for you!


Did you already pick out a DSLR? How exciting! I wanted to take this time to inform and teach you about your brand new camera. There are several functions that will be your best friend when you go out and start using your new baby. The ISO, fstop, and shutter speed are three of the most important functions on your camera that you need to be aware about.


Changing your camera setting to manual can be scary at first but don’t be worry, I’m here to take that fear away from you! Soon enough, you’ll be a professional in no time!


These videos range anywhere from camera settings to taking a peek into what I have in my camera bag when I go on photo shoots and even to which camera will best suit you, if you haven’t already gotten one. I want to help you become as familiar and comfortable with your camera as possible.


You’ll receive 3 tutorials as digital videos that you can view on any of your devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.).



  • IN MY BAG – See what I take with me on different style photoshoot. Its important to not pack to much equipment but also making sure you have everything you need.


  • NIKON VS CANON – Are you wanting to buy a new DSLR? Let me help you decide which brand will fit and meet your needs the best!


  • ISO, FSTOP, SHUTTER SPEED – Now that you have a new DSLR, this tutorial walks you through how to use each setting in different situations, lightings and environments. Switching from manual to automatic can be extremely scary, but Jen take all that fear away with this 3 – in – 1 video tutorial!


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