Slow Down in Tahiti!

Pinching myself was not working.  I flat out could not believe we were doing this.  No kids, dream vacay and a WHOLE week on the beach!

The Best Tahiti Travel Guide is here!


If you were to ask me, Snow or beach.  I think you would know what I’d say. Beach allllll the way!  I convinced my hubby that when I was done nursing our little guy we had to go on a baby free getaway.  He said, ‘okay’ and I’m sure didn’t think another thought about it.


But OH did I!


I googled, I made secret pinterest boards, I casually asked friends at dinner, “So, what’s your dream vacay” or “where did you go for your honeymoon”.  Yea, I was going BIG here!


When our friends dropped Tahiti in my lap they basically planned the whole trip for me.  From hotels, to activities, airlines and prices. This was it.  Sitting on a plane for 8 hours, reading a book, sipping a drink (No changing diapers in those tiny bathrooms or having cheerios crunch all around me!) sounded like the perfect intro to a week of sitting on the beach.


So, without telling my hubby the date or location, I booked it.  I called all around and got a million quotes and guess where I found the BEST quote ever?  Costco. I love those people!


In case you’re feeling inspired and thinking Tahiti could one day be a trip you take, below I’ve included our top spots.  The places we ate and of course the photos we’ll remember it all by years down the road!


Tahiti Dream Vacation Trip


I’ve also included this packing list, what photography equipment I take on vacay so you TOO can go to Tahiti and get dreamy photos!



Where we Stayed – 

Moorea – Hilton Lagoon Resort & Spa

Bora Bora – InterContinental Resort Thalasso Spa

Travel was tough, our time traveling was well over 24 hours due to connections mostly and getting to airports on islands is more complicated than it may seem.  We didn’t mind the travel there where we knew we could rest and relax on the beach but travel back home was a little tougher.  We knew there would be little rest upon arrival!

Where we Ate – 

Moorea: Coco Beach was by far the coolest experience, you have to take a boat to a private island and eat with the waves lapping at your feet.  Don’t forget snorkel gear cause there are several lagoons right next to your table!

Other spots we enjoyed:

Snack Mahan
Allo Pizza


Bora Bora: Most meals we ate on the resort but we also ate on the island as well – Luck House and Bloody Marys are top recommendation!


What we Did –

The best tour on Moorea was the Safari Tour with Alberts.  We visited Pineapple and vanilla farms as well as some amazing view points and the other popular spots on the island!  We loved the people we met and, of course, the photos we got!

Bora Bora is a place to enjoy tours on the water (duh) we did a shark and sting ray tour and (although you would this we would have guessed this with the name of the tour and all) SWAM with 8-10 ft sharks!  Like really!  Grabbed their fins and road them around in the water.  It was absolutely nuts!

Summer Island Vacation in Tahiti

Next time I would for sure stay over the water in Bora Bora rather than in Moorea and probably spend an extra day in Moorea.  We loved the snorkeling in Moorea WAY more than in Bora Bora because of the reef life.  Moorea is right off Tahiti and just a ferry ride away so it’s easy to get to and truthfully you could spend the whole trip there if you wanted!

Tahiti was not all that exciting, there were neat spots but it was more like any other big city, it didn’t have as much of a “vacay” feel, so get to Moorea or one of the other islands as soon as you can.


Don’t forget to grab my photography equipment guide so you’re ready on your next trip!


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