Peach Creek Ranch | Haley + Drew

I fell in love with this Peach Creek Ranch Wedding.  As Always, Peach Creek Ranch is so hospitable and thinks of all the tiny details.  Not to mention Haley and Drew were the SWEETEST and most easy going couple.

Love is always in the Peach Creek Ranch air!

This wedding was set at sunset and was a little warm but what Summer Texas wedding isn’t??

I love telling a little about each Bride and Groom I get to work with!  Here is some of what these two love birds had to say!

Tell me about your very first date!
~Honestly, Drew and I cannot even remember our first date! I want to say it was either to see a movie or go play with puppies. I will say my favorite date was our first New Year’s together when Drew asked me to be his girlfriend! He was so nervous I would say no.

Peach Creek Ranch

How did he/she propose?
~ Drew and I were headed to his moms for Thanksgiving in 2015. No one was home when we got there, and we were both starving, so Drew dropped me off at the house and then went to go grab us a meal. When he got back he was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which is rare for him since he struggles with being romantic. He placed the flowers on the table and told me to read the card that was included with it, and soon after he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I can’t begin to explain how romantic everything was, and how much I could not stop crying!

Peach Creek Wedding Peach Creek Wedding Peach Creek Ranch

What are three things that you treasure most about your fiancé?
~One thing I treasure most about Haley is the size of her heart. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met with a heart of gold. The second thing is her patience. I’m one of the most impatient persons in the world and she constantly reminds me to settle down and be patient! The third thing is positive attitude. Sometimes work becomes overwhelming and/or takes me to different continents, but Haley is very understanding and listens (even when i know she doesn’t care) to whatever is going on with work. She always provides positivity when I need it the most.

Peach Creek Ranch

College Station Wedding Cupcakes were a great add on…I can’t say I just had one!  They were DELICIOUS!  Thanks Cake Junkie!

Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch

What is the most romantic thing your fiancé has ever done for you?
~Always being there for me through the thick and thin. While gifts are always acceptable, the way Drew goes out of his way to support me triumphs all. He is also very good at surprising me with romantic dinner and trips :).

Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch Peach Creek Ranch


Venue - Peach Creek Ranch//Makeup - Heather Wright//Hair Stylist - Hair We Are (Carolin)//Rentals - Urban Rubbish//Floral - Trisha Barksdale//Cakes - Cake Junkie//Coordinators - All Things Planned//Caterer - Buppy's//Bartenders - Luke's Bartending//Photography - Jen Brazeal Photography

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