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Which camera do I get?  This is quite a decision and one that will make such a huge impact in how you document your life. Buying a DSLR is a big choice and you’re investing a lot.  A lot of money and time to learn something new. So let me try and make this a little easier by giving you a rundown on the cameras out there and what is best for you!

Which Camera Do I Get?

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Nikon or Canon

That seems to be the posing question nowadays!

I use Nikon.  I’ve been in both camps and photographed with Canon as well.  My final decision came down to, where I had the most resources.  At the time of making a switch I knew I had some good people to talk to and learn from that used Nikon.  I could learn more easily if I had the same brand as my teachers.

They are both great cameras, and you may not want to hear this but either one will be fine.

Full Frame or Cropped Frame

This can get complicated and math ends up being involved but…we don’t really need all that extra.

To keep it easy I’ll sum it up in my own mama words.  A cropped frame (DX for Nikon) is going to give you less of your image.  Less light overall but you can pair it with any lens. A full frame (FX in the Nikon World) is going to give you more image, let in more light but you can only use specific FX lenses.

The photo above shows about what a DX sensor would show you and an FX. Making this decision is deciding how far you plan to go. Are you ok with snapshots, less expensive lenses and some restrictions as far as what you see in the viewfinder go with DX. If you are looking to take stunning, high quality images and put more into the overall process plus you want the option of some pretty awesome lenses and you have a little more room in your budget go with FX.

Consider your Budget

We all have budgets, and in order to keep Dave Ramsey and your hubby happy I’d say stick to your budget! Base level DSLRs start out around $400 and probably come with a basic lens.  A perfectly fine place to start. Higher level FX cameras will be starting in the thousands, $1200-$1500 and will more than likely be just the body, no lens. You can always explore the option of buying a kit which will be the body + lens + cleaning supplies + memory card + the kitchen sink.

If you want to know what lenses I carry, grab the “What’s in my Bag Guide Book” that gives you a peek into my favorite lenses.

If you read this blog post and get the Cheat sheet guide and stilllll have questions make sure you email me back when you get the guide!  I’ll personally be sending you an email and … spoiler alert a much more detailed video if you grab the “Camera Cheat Sheet”.

Always here to help and like I said, pumped you are starting on the road to create beautiful things with your new DSLR!

Beginner Photographer

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