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Welcome to Santorini! As a whole, the Greek Islands are famous for their spectacular scenery, local culture, and pristine beaches. Santorini is known as the romantic and beautiful of the Greek Isles.

Here are some of my favs…

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The whitewashed, cubiform houses cling to cliffs overlooking the sea.

Props to my hubby for taking this pic of me :)

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Over 1.5 million people visit Santorini each year!

View from Santorini, fira

Why is everything blue and white? Those two colors represent the colors of the Greek flag. White represents purity, and blue symbolizes the sky and the sea.

How beautiful are the night lights of this beautiful island? My husband and I had such a great time here!


Night 1. Plane + Coach Class = Benadryl//Day 1. The Acropolis!//Night 2. Athens, Phaedra Hotel//Day 2. Flight on Volotea to Santorini//Night 3 - 4 - Scirocco Apartments

Hellenic Seaways Ferry to Mykonos//Night 5 - 7 - Mykonos Bay Hotel//Night 8. Athens, Hermes Hotel

Places we ate at and LOVED!

Santorini -

To Briki, Fiostephani - Traditional, all natural, home cooked Greek!

Karma, Oia - Best Watermelon and Feta in the WORLD

Blue Volcano, Fira - seafood place, not the best I’ve ever had (still great) but it was 9 PM and we could look no more!

Mama’s, Fira - Breakfast every time!

Mykonos -

Kronos, Mykonos Town - Delicious and fancy, right on the water overlooking the windmills, we had the lamb

Hippie FishAi Yanni Beach- Open air, we picked out the fish we wanted them to cook, incredibly fresh and we got to see a real life proposal!! (Pina coladas to die for!)

Captain's, Mykonos Town - Greek style tapas...need I say more?


Joanna Niko’s Taverna, Mykonos Town - on the beach, authentic greek and to die for!

Kostas, Mykonos Town - set inside the white narrow streets of the town, we felt like we were family

Kikis, Agios Sostis Beach - I’m 100% convinced this place will be in Heaven.  No electricity, all cooked on open fire, and with a look and feel you would consider selling your first born for!!

We had gelato after every meal (it’s vacay)

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