I Do Know You

I never really liked it when people start out an email or an instagram post with “hey friend”.  Cause if we were friends, wouldn’t you say my name there? I know you’re just talking to the masses.

All my life I’ve felt like I’m striving.  Striving for more, or to do it better or to just do it CLOSE to right.



I may sound like I’m harshin’ on people who say, “hey friend” when they meet up for coffee or pass by each other at church and I guess if I’m being honest I sorta am.


It’s hard to feel connected and really seen or really heard.  We strive to get our name out there, to be invited to here or there.  We strive to be more than a “hey friend” but to be a “hey Jen”.



But let me say this.  I do know you. I may not know your name (YET!) but I know you.  Sometimes you finish your day and wonder if you really actually did anything that mattered.


You feel like this pace you’re living is, in no way, sustainable.  But if you take a moment to rest, get a sitter so you can get COFFEE alone, then guilt creeps in and tells you you’re selfish.  


You know the pressures of “momhood” are legit and they tell you your kids are too loud, your kids are too quiet, your child is out of control, nobody else’s kids do that or say that, you should probably have 3 home cooked meals on the table every day, you should look bootylicious (that’s a word now, check Websters Dictionary) in yoga pants and jeans.  The pressures of teacher appreciation gifts and the perfect Christmas decor, these are all REAL pressures.  



For now we feel tired, worn out, stressed and we strive.  We strive for a life we think we need because the world says so.  And the world is aaaaalllllll around. But ya know, I have something that will help you.  It’s going to actually change your life.


But change is hard, it takes time and effort.  So for now, I may not know your name but I want to.  In a few weeks I’ll be launching my podcast. (If you want to chip in on the name click here).  This podcast is for YOU. Let me give you the tools, the rhythms the HELP you need to make a big change.


Tell me what you need help with.  Click here and give me 2 minutes of your precious time so that we can make it all right!

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