Wanna Name My Baby?

It’s true, we’ve backed ourselves into a corner here.  Both our boys have strong meaning in their names. Both named after family and both named after a strong biblical man.  So now with our third we feel like we need to stick to the trend.

Naming new should be tough, it should have meaning and be thought out.


We’ve always found out what we were having at our 20 week anatomy scan but for some reason this time, I have a strong pull to be surprised.  So, we’re running with it (much to my husbands disappointment). A name will be pondered for a remaining 20 weeks.



But did you know?  I’m actually having 2 babies.  One in November and one in January.  That’s right, my human baby is due January but another baby is just around the corner.  It’s not some weird medical thing. It’s actually a podcast baby!


Sounds weird when I say it that way but I AM prepping, planning, creating a room, researching online, reading books, the whole 9 yards and it SURE feeeeeels like a baby.


It’s official, I’m launching a podcast in the beginning of November and I could not be more giddy!  



This podcast message is a TRUE passion and definitely something I’m still learning how to live.  We all feel the pressure from the world telling us to “do all the things and do them well”. We feel rushed and tired because when we try to take a break, guilt creeps in and keeps us from resting well.


Soul care, heart care, self care.  Yea these are things we can let take a back seat cause I got bigger fish to fry.  Also, who said Chick-fil-A was not one of the food groups cause it’s drive thru, it’s fast, it’s GOOD and it’s (pretty much) good FOR you….hmmmmm.


These are the main topics I’ll be touching on…  

  • How to relieve the pressure of the world telling us what we need to do
  • Get our bodies healthy
  • Reclaim a few minutes in the day for OURSELF (without the guilt of feeling lazy while doing it) 
  • Slowing life down just enough to be present in the moment and not let the moment fly (on turbo speed) by!



Now it’s your turn.  I thought and thought of names.  Funny names, punny names, serious names and acronyms.  But nothing seems to fit. I’d LOVE (like all caps LOVE) for you to submit your name ideas!


I’m not the world’s most serious person and when we’re learning to unburden out SOULS we need a little humor, right?  But at the same time this is a topic I feel deep passion and compassion for my fellow mamas and ladies out there! Not buying into the lie we are fed day in and day out is hard work and takes effort!  


SO!  Click here to submit a name in my DM’s on Instagram or Click here to submit a name right now!


Now onto the baby books so I can pick a name for my new human arriving just a few (short) months after my podcast baby!

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