Need a Good Excuse?

I’m not sure I can remember one time I’ve asked Justin (hubby) if I could do something or go somewhere and he’s ever said no to me.  Which just means either I have a really amazing hubby (this is true) or he has figured out how to reverse psychology me into making what I deep down inside know is the right decision (true too, I bet).

Given the choice of: you can or you can’t.  Which would you choose?

When given the chance and freedom I usually find a good excuse why NOT to.  Why I should NOT ____. The reasons why are so broad, it’s too much, not the right time, already been done, scary, unknown, time consuming, I don’t know how…

Now, I’m not talking about which brand of ketchup to buy, I’m talking slightly bigger stuff.  Starting a business, leaving a job, having a baby, adopting a baby, moving, this kinda stuff. But how about this.  How about you look at it differently.

Instead of excuses why you should NOT, make all the excuses why you SHOULD.  

In this case I’m going to push why you SHOULD start a business.

Starting a business (from home) allows for:

Schedule flexibility

More time with your kids

Limitless opportunity to meet your full potential

Doing what you love

Loving what you do

Changing your mind

Earning potential you dream of

Serving others

Now, those are just a few of the reasons.  If you have ever dreamed of being able to stay home with the kids or leave the 9 to 5 this is the part where I tell you, YOU CAN!

Years ago, I was getting a very similar question over and over.  That question was, “How did you do it?” How did I leave my job and double my salary in a year?  How did I work from home and do what I love?

As I found myself sitting down for coffee or meeting up for lunches and saying the same things I decided it was time to write it all down.  So I did and that giant huge list of tips, ideas, processes and hard work turned into a book called, Creative Business Startup.

I believe with my whole heart that you CAN do it.  Need a good excuse. You WILL succeed and the world will LOVE you!  If you’re needing a little extra push I’d like to GIVE you the 1st chapter of the book.  Grab it here or at the top of this page and get excited (motivated, ready, fired up, encouraged).

First Chapter Free

There is actually no other time that is better than now to start doing what you love and living the life you want to live.  I could combat your every excuse with a very good reason why you SHOULD, I bet you could too.  Try it. All the reasons you COULD do it and see what happens!

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