Brownstone Reserve – Keely + Ritchie Wedding

Keely and Ritchie had the most beautiful Brownstone Reserve Wedding. The weather was so perfect even though we had been swamped with rain the day before. One thing I really enjoyed about this wedding was the surprise behind Keely’s dress. VERY few people had seen the dress at all, or had any idea as to what it looked like. That was one of the only things kept so secret for Keely’s big day. It was amazing to be a part of revealing her dress to her closest family and friends. To catch the reaction on their faces was absolutely priceless, and you could see it in Keely’s eyes how overwhelmed she was with happiness.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Biggs !

Brownstone Reserve

The flower in honor of Ritchie’s dad was something that really stood out. You see many ways to honor loved ones at weddings, and a single rose went a thousand miles at this one. Not only did the rose speak volumes, but Keely’s bouquet had special reminders of loved one’s as well. Small pictures in honor of absent family members hung from her bouquet.

Brownstone Reserve Brownstone Reserve_Wedding

Brownstone Reserve has a beautiful pathway the bridal party walks down to get to the ceremony. Ritchie had a long while to take it all in as he watched Keely and her dad got closer down the path. You never know a grooms reaction, but Ritchie’s definitely speaks for itself.

Brownstone Reserve_Wedding Brownstone Reserve

Keely’s bouquet was absolutely STUNNING! The pale colors and greenery were so beautiful. Hallie Morrison did an amazing job.

THIS CAR! One of kind, and a special part of the wedding because it is a family jewel that belonged to Keely’s grandfather.

Brownstone Reserve Brownstone Reserve_Wedding

Seriously ! The greenery that was Brownstone Reserve set the scene on Keely and Ritchie’s Wedding Day.

Brownstone Reserve_Wedding

Thank you Keely and Ritchie for having us be a part of this beautiful ceremony. You guys were amazing to work with, and we wish you the best of luck in your future together.



Venue - Brownstone Reserve// Wedding Coordinator - Avery Smith// Florist - Hallie Morrison// Cake - Caked With Love // DJ - Matt Smith// Dress - VIP Bridal// Hair Dresser - Monique Howell

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